Loa CAF Alpha-F12

Mô tả

Sections: 1×12 inch (300mm) neodymium woofer,
2×1.75 inch (44mm) neodymium tweeter
Frequency response range (-6dB) 50Hz~19KHz
Horn coverage (-6dB) Hor.120°×Vert.11°, the vertical angle can be adjusted according to the number of speakers
Sensitivity (1M/1W) 99dB
Max S.P.L.: 127dB (continuous) / 133dB (peak)
Rated power (RMS) 600W
Maximum power (PEAK) 2400W
Nominal impedance 8Ω
Product size 345mm high x 605mm wide x 455mm deep
Net Weight: 22.3 Kg

Thông số kỹ thuật

Product Model Q10
Frequency response range (-1dB) 20Hz-50KHz(MUSIC MIC)
Input sensitivity 11MV(MIC)210MV(MUSIC)
Main channel tone (±10dB) 5- parametric equalization
Subwoofer (±10dB) 3-parametric equalization
Center tone (±10dB) 5- parametric equalization
Rear tone (±10dB) 5- parametric equalization
Music tone (±10dB) 10- parametric equalization
Microphone A tone (±10dB) 15-parameter equalization
Microphone B tone (±10dB) 15-parameter equalization
Microphone low cut 0Hz-330Hz
Signal to noise ratio (SNR) ≥95dB